• [bugfix][macos] Fixed typing issue on macOS


  • [bug] Always close connection for HTTPExecutor after_start_check
  • [enhancement] Log debug message if execption occured during HTTPExecutor start check
  • [ehnancement] adjust typing handling in HTTPExecutor


  • [feature] Drop support for python 3.5. Rely on typing syntax and fstrings that is available since python 3.6 only
  • [ehnancement] For output executor on MacOs fallback to for OutputExecutor. Increases compatibility with MacOS where presence of select.poll depends on the compiler used.
  • [enhancement] Apply shelx.quote on command parts if command is given as a list Should result in similar results when running such command with or without shell.


  • [repackage] - mark python 3.5 as required. Should disallow installing on python 2


  • [feature] Add UnixSocketExecutor for executors that communicate with Unix Sockets
  • [feature] Mirakuru is now fully type hinted
  • [feature] Drop support for python 2
  • [feature] Allow for configuring process outputs to pipe to
  • [feature] OutputExecutor can now check for banner in stderr
  • [feature] HTTPEecutor now can check status on different method. Along with properly configured payload and headers.
  • [feature] Ability to set custom env vars for orchestrated process
  • [feature] Ability to set custom cwd path for orchestrated process
  • [enhancement] psutil is no longer required on cygwin


  • [enhancement] Executor’s timeout to be set for both executor’s start and stop
  • [enhancement] It’s no longer possible to hang indefinitely on the start or stop. Timeout is set to 3600 seconds by default, with values possible between 0 and sys.maxsize with the latter still bit longer than 2924712086 centuries.


  • [enhancement] Do not fail if processes child throw EPERM error during clean up phase
  • [enhancement] Run subprocesses in shell by default on Windows
  • [ehnancement] Do not pass preexec_fn on windows


  • [enhancement] Fallback to kill through SIGTERM on Windows, since SIGKILL is not available
  • [enhancement] detect cases where during stop process already exited, and simply clean up afterwards


  • [enhancement] when killing the process ignore OsError with errno no such process as the process have already died.
  • [enhancement] small context manager code cleanup


  • [bugfix] atexit cleanup_subprocesses() function now reimports needed functions


  • [bugfix] Handle IOErrors from psutil (#112)
  • [bugfix] Pass global vars to atexit cleanup_subprocesses function (#111)


  • [feature] Kill all running mirakuru subprocesses on python exit.
  • [enhancement] Prefer psutil library (>=4.0.0) over calling ‘ps xe’ command to find leaked subprocesses.


  • [feature] HTTPExecutor enriched with the ‘status’ argument. It allows to define which HTTP status code(s) signify that a HTTP server is running.
  • [feature] Changed executor methods to return itself to allow method chaining.
  • [feature] Context Manager to return Executor instance, allows creating Executor instance on the fly.
  • [style] Migrated % string formating to format().
  • [style] Explicitly numbered replacement fields in string.
  • [docs] Added documentation for timeouts.


  • [refactoring] Moved source to src directory.
  • [fix, feature] Python 3.5 fixes.
  • [fix] Docstring changes for updated pep257.


  • [fix] Modify MANIFEST to prune tests folder.
  • [feature] HTTPExecutor will now set the default 80 if not present in a URL.
  • [feature] Detect subprocesses exiting erroneously while polling the checks and error early.
  • [fix] Make test_forgotten_stop pass by preventing the shell from optimizing forking out.


  • [style] Corrected code to conform with W503, D210 and E402 linters errors as reported by pylama 6.3.1.
  • [feature] Introduced a hack that kills all subprocesses of executor process. It requires ‘ps xe -ww’ command being available in OS otherwise logs error.
  • [refactoring] Classes name convention change. Executor class got renamed into SimpleExecutor and StartCheckExecutor class got renamed into Executor.


  • [feature] Ability to set up custom signal for stopping and killing processes managed by executors.
  • [feature] Replaced explicit parameters with keywords for kwargs handled by basic Executor init method.
  • [feature] Executor now accepts both list and string as a command.
  • [fix] Even it’s not recommended to import all but from mirakuru import * didn’t worked. Now it’s fixed.
  • [tests] increased tests coverage. Even test cover 100% of code it doesn’t mean they cover 100% of use cases!
  • [code quality] Increased Pylint code evaluation.


  • [feature] Introduced PidExecutor that waits for specified file to be created.
  • [feature] Provided PyPy compatibility.
  • [fix] Closing all resources explicitly.


  • [fix] Kill all children processes of Executor started with shell=True.
  • [feature] Executors are now context managers - to start executors for given context.
  • [feature] Executor.stopped - context manager for stopping executors for given context.
  • [feature] HTTPExecutor and TCPExecutor before .start() check whether port is already used by other processes and raise AlreadyRunning if detects it.
  • [refactoring] Moved python version conditional imports into module.


  • [fix] Fixed an issue where setting shell to True would execute only part of the command.


  • [fix] Fixed an issue where OutputExecutor would hang, if started process stopped producing output.


  • [fix] Removed leftover sleep from TCPExecutor._wait_for_connection.


  • [fix] Fixed
  • Updated packaging options.


  • Exposed process attribute on Executor.
  • Exposed port and host on TCPExecutor.
  • Exposed URL on HTTPExecutor.
  • Simplified package structure.
  • Simplified executors operating API.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added docblocks for every function.
  • Applied license headers.
  • Stripped orchestrators.
  • Forked off from summon_process.